In Kansas City, as per the latest crime record there are some 1,042.2 cases of burglary per 100,000 individuals who have been either in the house or on a holiday vacation enjoying the leave from their daily work schedule. These figures are harrowing and it is imperative to keep the home safe and sound when you are away on business or vacation. Below are some things to consider when stepping out of your home.
Burglars follow a pattern when they rob houses, they would perform detailed probe and after getting information about which houses are vacant and which are not they will choose the best victim. In many cases, those victims are the empty houses. So, if you want to prevent this scenario then you can follow these simple methods:
1. Do not cancel your newspaper or mail deliveries, rather continue with it and ask your neighbor to pick them up. This will make the burglars believe that someone is there in the house. This practice will make your home secure while you are on a vacation.
2. Ask a favor from your neighbor to remove all the fliers and bills that may be hanging on your porch or door. This will prevent people from anticipating that the home is empty.
3. Ask your neighbor to park their car in your drive way. This will give an indication that someone is there at home always.
So, if you act smart then you can save your home from unforeseen events.