What is the most harrowing thing that you can experience under the sun? Probably, if someone would have asked me about my personal experience then I would have quoted it is moving from one place to other. So, if you have to move from say California to Los Angeles, then probably you can carry all the stuffs that are there in the house but you can’t carry the house with you. Isn’t it? So, you cannot let the investment on your house turn futile. You always have two options available with you, either you can rent your house or you may opt for a sale. In both these cases, you need to adhere to some facts that will help you undertake the deal flawlessly. You may opt for either sale or rent, but remember that the property of real-estate is soaring in US. So, the best option would be to rent it rather than selling it, so that you can make millions by selling it when the prices skyrocket in future. So, when you are renting your property then probably you should keep in mind the following tips.

Go for a Background check
There are many frauds involved in complicit misdemeanors. You must be aware of that. Since, the house is your property, any wrongdoing that happens there can hold you accountable. So, you must do a fact check before renting your house.

Lease Agreement Is Always a Preferential Choice
As a landlord, if you get into a lease agreement then it acts as primafacie evidence. You can use this agreement in case the tenant is engaged in some hanky panky stuffs.